10 Teen Beauty Bag Musts

Shop this story: 1. e.l.f. Essential Shine Eraser 2. e.l.f. Studio Zit Eraser 3. Jouer Cheek & Lip Tint 4. Too Faced – Bronzed & Poreless Bronzer 5. Illicit Lash Mascara – Black… Continue reading

Shampoo Basics I: Types of Shampoo

We are living in the age of options on top of options. Sometimes its hard to know how to maneuver thru so many choices. Finding a shampoo sounds simple, after all. its just… Continue reading

How to Color Correct Blemishes and Discolorations

Instead of using half a tube of concealer everyday to hide your blemishes color correct them instead. You just need to have a simple understanding of color theory and the color wheel to… Continue reading

Foundation Basics II: How to Get the Right Foundation Color

The fact is that at least 94% of women aren’t wearing the  foundation color. But, how do you know what makeup is right for you? Picking the right color can be such a… Continue reading

De-pot Your Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

Do you have melted or broken lipsticks, blushes or eyeshadows? Don’t toss them in the trash just to re-buy them. Instead de-pot them in 3 simple steps. Getting Started: All you need is… Continue reading

Safely Remove Hair Color Stain on Skin

Hair coloring can be a messy process so I wanted to share the best hair color remover methods. Hair color can get all over your clothes and worse your skin. Before applying hair… Continue reading

5 Products to Master Strobing like a Pro

First of all, if you still aren’t sure what strobing is, simply put its highlighting or luminizing. This buzzword is being thrown around as if it’s something new. Highlighting is a part of… Continue reading

5 Money Saving Tips for the Makeup Junkie

  Depot your eyeshadows  De-pot your eyeshadows when they crack don’t throw them away….unless they crumble into a million pebbles or specks of duct then by all means grab a broom and toss… Continue reading

4 Steps to the Perfect Red Lip

If you choose to go for that daring red lip color and channel your favorite starlet then you’ll want to do it right. Rocking the sultry red lip can be intimidating for some and… Continue reading