19 Ways to Rock a Cardigan

The cardigan sweater is a classic and necessary wardrobe staple, especially now that we are into the chilly fall weather. It is professional or casual or dressy and always functional. The cardigan as most know it have buttons or perhaps a even a zipper. Today’s cardigan sweater has changed up its swag with cool patterns varying lengths and asymmetrical open fronts with no closures.I enjoy a good old fashioned button up cardigan sweater but I also love some of its contemporary incarnations. I have compiled some of the best style examples of how to rock a cardigan like a boss. To shop the looks. Click on the pics. Enjoy!

1) Button Down checked Cardigan with shorts, tights and platform ankle boots. I really love the details and colors all put together. The gray is cool while the green adds a pop of color. The tights make this outfit suitable for work or school.

cardigan and shorts www.showmethemuhnie.com

2) 3/4 Length cardigan with large  horizontal stripes, ankle length sweater dress.

long cardigan and long skirt www.showmethemuhnie.com

3) Cropped Cardigan with Fitted Pants. So cool and sexy. Work appropriate or weekend appropriate. I would wear this on a drive to my boyfriend’s parent’s house on the weekend. It has an edgy yet somehow still conservative feel too it.

cropped cardigan and skinny jeans www.showmethemuhnie.com

4) Jewel embellished crew neck cardigan with pencil skirt. Party time!

jeweled black cardigan and mini skirt www.showmethemuhnie.com

5) Aztec print Cardigan with Jeans & boots. This would be a look to live in on weekends, Casual Friday , shopping, etc!

aztec print cardigan and jeans www.showmethemuhnie.com

6) Colorful Print V-Neck Cardigan with Candy Color Mini Skirt and Thigh High Socks & Oxfords. This look is like a modernized school girl look and is really playful.

cardigan and mini skirt www.showmethemuhnie.com

7) Oversized Cardigan with Black Maxi Dress & Booties is super cute and a little sexy. Great for the casual work place, weekends or a cool travel look.

cardigan and black maxi dress www.showmethemuhnie.com

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8)Long Wool Cardigan, Leggings, Button down with cutout ankle booties is a really cool casual look for weekends and downtime.

cardigan button down and leggings www.showmethemuhnie.com

9)Bohemian Fringed cardigan with Silk Tunic Top and Leather Mini is great for drinks with the girls or date nite

fringe cardigan and leather mini skirt www.showmethemuhnie.com

10) Zippered Blue Embellished Cardigan with Slacks is great look for work, networking, professional events or daytime social gatherings.

blue cardigan and slacks www.showmethemuhnie.com

11) White Lace Print Cardigan Paired with Black Tulle Cocktail Dress…another great party look. try this look with heels, a tall boot or even combat boots for a punk edge.

white lace cardigan and black cocktail dress www.showmethemuhnie.com

12) Belted Cardigan with Sheath Dress and Vintage hat

belted cardigan and mini-dress www.showmethemuhnie.com

13) Grey Cardigan with Black Dress…Such a classic look. Changing the accessories like the purse, shoes and jewelry will dress this combination up or down as the location and occasion call for.

gray cardigan anblack dress www.showmethemuhnie.com

14)Cardigan, Turtle Neck, Flared Skirt & Platform Boots – Turn heads with this contermporary layered look. The socks and tights are optional and give the look a more school girl feel but for cold weather you can modify with leg warmers.

knit cardigan and flare skirt www.showmethemuhnie.com

15) Knee length Cardigan with Skinny Jeans and A button Down

knit knee length cardigan graphic button down and skinny jeans www.showmethemuhnie.com

16) Cardigan and Sweat pants….So cute, cool and effortless…Anyone can pull this look off for casual jaunts about town. Try creating this look with neutral colors  and earth tomes for a more mature look.

cardigan and sweat pants www.showmethemuhnie.com

17) Art Deco Coat Length Cardigan with Asymmetrical Front, Distressed Denim, Tee and Statement Floppy hat

cardigan and ripped jeans www.showmethemuhnie.com

18) Bold Colorblock Patterned Cardigan with Leather Leggings & Tee

color block cardigan and leather jeans www.showmethemuhnie.com

19) Preppy Cardigan with Tuxedo Front Collared Blouse and Slacks

preppy cardigan and slacks www.showmethemuhnie.com