TM$ LookBook Fall 2015: 10 Trench Coats that Give Me Life

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Those dashing futuristic  hero rebels in the movie “The Matrix” made trench coats look super cool. Although its not a s if the trench coat needed help. It is a classic wardrobe staple for the fall fashionista. If you are over 21 and do not own a trench coat its an epic #wardrobe fail. UNless you live in a place where its 95 degrees all year. I personally have 3 in different shapes, lengths and colors. To share my admiration of a classic garment with you, I’ve found 10 really cool trench coats that make a statement while remaining classic.
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The Collarless Trench Coat

Collarless Black Trench Coat. Shop this look on

The Collarless Trench. This extra long bat sleeve collar trench has that futuristic vibe. Its complicated while remaining simple enough to anchor a multitude of looks for your fall wardrobe. Buy it now.


The Slim Trench

Light Grey Belted Trench Coat. Shop this look on

The Slim Trench Coat. I love this slim fitting trench coat it makes the most beautiful line. The fabric is soft to hug the form without being too clingy. The belted waist accentuated the lines giving a slenderizing, feminine appearance. The wide lapels, pocket details and rolled sleeves are a terrific design elements which give an air of class to this trench coat. A little retro but modern at the same time. Buy it now.


The Slouchy Trench Coat

Slouchy Belted Trench Coat. Shop this look on

The Slouchy Trench. Belted with big pockets, tie-back sleeves and large buttons. This trench is casual cool with high tops and leggings or office chic with trendy boots and shades. Everything about this coat is unusual for those who prefer not just to look good but make a statement. Buy it now.


The Denim Trench Coat

Bleached Denim Trench. Shop this look on

The Denim Trench in soft bleached denim leans a bit more casual. Something about denim just always says “i’m really comfortable”. So if you wanna dress up a touch without looking like you are trying to hard then add this trench coat to your wardrobe stat. This is a laid back kinda garment but can totally can be worn with a knee length, or mini or patterned dress (stripes, color block,floral , maybe polka dots) as for a heady dose of cuteness. Buy it now.


The Ombre Trench Coat

Belted Ombre Pink Trench Coat. Shop this look on

The Ombre Trench. Ombre is everything this season from beauty to fashion. These bright feminine colors will liven up your work wear or add so some sophisticated sexiness to your weekend play wear. Buy it now.


The Hooded Trench

Army Hooded Trench Cape. Shop this look on

Army Hooded Trench Cape Coat. A hooded trench? Does such a thing exist? Ummm why yes…yes it does…and its too fabulous for words and that front pleat is EVERYTHING….so I will stop right here and just let you take it in. Buy it now.


The Lace Trench Coat


The Lace Trench. Everything you love about Trench coats but its LACE…Yes hunty!!!! Its girl but so funky at the same time. Any thing you wear under this trench coat will receive an instant upgrade. Buy it now.


The Leather Splice Trench

Vegan Leather Trim Trench Coat. Shop this look on

The Leather Spliced Trench. This coat is rugged and edgy and I love it. I love to mix hard and soft together to create a look that is completely new and outside the box. The faux leather lapels are just way cool and so on trend. You cant go wrong with this one. Buy it now.




The Tapered Flared Trench 

Flare Skirt Trench Coat. Shop this look on

Tapered Flared Trench. The tapered waist and flare skirted trench adds a contemporary romanticism while the ultra classic collar and double breasted front will give off classic elegance. Absolutely stunning!!! Buy it now.



Sleeveless Trench Coat

Sleeveless Trench Coat. Shop this look on

The Sleeveless Trench. Say whaaat? Yaaaaaaasssss!!!! We know the fall is all about layering so imagine this with a cowl neck sweater or hoodie and scarf with shades. Boots, distressed denim….le sigh i can go on and on with my fashion fantasies about this one…this coat is a total hottie! Buy it now.





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